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Each week, two or more of our outreach workers go on the streets looking for homeless youth between the ages of 12 and 24. When we find them, we give them water, white socks (the dye in dark-colored socks can cause fungal infections), and other necessities, and we tell them about the free music and art program where they can also receive a hot meal. This critical first contact is our first opportunity to begin cultivating a trusting relationship with homeless youth. Without trust, they will not be open to further help in getting off the streets.

  • $75 pays for the water given for 4 weeks
  • $100 pays for white socks given out for 1 week
  • $360 pays for all white socks needed for 1 month or for 12 sleeping bags
  • $500 pays for hygiene kits for 1 month


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