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Taking Art to The Streets (TATS)

The Taking Art to The Streets (TATS) is for homeless and disadvantaged youth ages 12-24.The weekly program facilitates healing and empowerment through the creation of all mediums of art with an emphasis on recycled, sustainable art and jewelry. Projects that participants can create range from collaging to crocheting and wire-wrapping to painting. The program is youth-driven and focuses on creating projects that the youth can continue to create on the streets to earn money and live more self-sufficiently. Participants receive art instruction, home-cooked meals, clothes, shoes, hygiene products, “Snack-Packs,” and social services. Participants who attend five of the two-hour classes earn $50 in art supplies of their choice. This program helps to build trust with homeless youth and offers a safe space for healing.

  • $75 provides 1 dinner for 30 youth
  • $150 provides art supplies for 1 class, or 2 dinners for 30 youth
  • $300 provides 1 month of weekly dinners for 30 youth
  • $1,800 provides 6 months of weekly dinners for 30 youth




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