DOC Housing Program for Self-Sufficiency

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The goal of this program is to enable homeless youth to become self-sufficient, living productive lives, within two years. These formerly homeless youth will then become mentors and role models for youth still living on the streets.

The Doors of Change Housing Program for Self-Sufficiency is an intensive program for youth ages 18-24 designed to solve their homelessness within two years by fostering self-sufficiency. In addition to housing and 24/7 supervision, homeless youth accepted into the program receive life skills instruction, education, employment readiness training, job search assistance, mentorship, and therapy as needed. Once youth become employed they are required to contribute 30% of their income for housing costs and 30% to a savings account. Once they have saved a minimum of $3,000 they are financially ready to transition to private housing and begin their new productive and fulfilling lives.\

The cost to provide this comprehensive approach to solving youth homelessness is $45,000 per youth per year.

Read the San Diego Union-Tribune’s article about the Doors of Change self-sufficiency program.



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